Dr. Lynda Yankaskas

Collateral Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2009, Brandeis University

813 S. Cathedral Pl., Room 202B
(804) 828-9714




Lynda Yankaskas earned her B.A. from Swarthmore College and her Ph.D. (2009) in American history from Brandeis University. Her research focuses on early American social libraries, examining reading as a public activity, and the ways that Americans constructed national, local, and personal identity through print culture. She is interested more generally in the various ways that early Americans thought about and used public spaces, and the role of voluntary organizations in the development of American public life. She has won fellowship support for this research from the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, the American Antiquarian Society, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Before coming to VCU, Dr. Yankaskas taught early American history and the history of gender at Earlham College.